Firstly, with the membership of this health card you will be eligible for pre-negotiated discounts with a variety of service providers like Hospitals, Pharmacies, Labs and other healthcare service providers There won’t be any paper work or exclusions from pre-existing health conditions you just have to pay for the services you receive at a substantial discount, With this “HLC Health Card “Health card you can enjoy unlimited access to the services and service providers in our network as often as you wish to. We also encourage you to use them as often as necessary ,You can start using your “HLC Health card” as soon as you receive it.

You will receive a personalized “HLC Health card” Membership Kit along with your Health card at your mailing address. This kit includes Membership card and an Information Guide that describes the benefits and use of this card. , Only the card holder family can enjoy the benefits of this card.

If in case you feel that you haven’t received an appropriate discount for any service from the participating service provider, Contact us immediately so that we will make sure that you are reimbursed for the very same. , You can call at our call center. A directory of nearby service providers is provided to you in your Information Guide.

Important ! Even if you find a service provider by using Option 1, we recommend that you must call the appropriate member service number to verify the service provider’s current participation in the plan.

We will invite that service provider to join our network and discuss participation guidelines. If the service provider agrees on it, we’ll send him our application and credentialing information. If the service provider fits in our criteria, then it takes almost four weeks to complete application and credentialing process.

Your “HLC Health card” is useful. Inform us immediately in case you lost your card.


“HLC” Health card variety of health care services and solutions through different service providers to the customers. Our “HLC Health Card” offers one of the most extensive consumer-driven healthcare saving programs for common people, corporate and society. HLC Health Card price is depending upon the plan.

HLC health card offers a variety of Healthcare solutions including:

Personalized Health Care Solutions Pharmaceutical solution Wellness products and service Clinical Diagnostic Management systems. Health care plans. . Health care Networks.


“HLC Health card” is a health discount card to avail UPTO 40% Discount for hospital Clinic health diagnostics pharmacy’s and other healthcare service Praviders including online medical report data storage service assistance.

You can start using yor HLC Health Card as soon as you receive it. Only the card Holder family can enjoy the benefit of this card.

This is not an insurance plan. Firstly with the membership of this health card you will Be eligible for pre-negotiated discount with a variety of service providers like hospital, Pharmacies. Lab health and other healthcare service providers.

There won’t be any paper work or exclusions form pre-existing health conditions you Just have pay for the services you receive at substantial discount.

You will receive a personalized HLC Health card membership kit along with your health Card at your mailing address. This kit includes membership card and information guide that describes the benefits and use of this card.

HLC Health Card will not give you discounts on your co-payment because it is not an Insurance plan. This card only discounts the retail price of the presriotion. So it depends Whether your current insurance plan covers the particular prescription drug you need or Not. If not. Then certainly you can present your HLC Health Card and can get discount to Which you are entitle to.

We will invite service providers to join our network and discuss participation guidelines. If the service provider fits in our criterial. Then we’ll send him our application and cre- Dentialing information. Wich takes almost four weeks to complete application and cre- Dentialing process.

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1. Medical advice disclaimer All the content present in the website such as text, audio, video, images, illustrations, graphics, visuals and other copy text are for informational purpose only. It doesn’t replace professional medical consultation, diagnosis, treatment or other types of recommendations. If you have medical conditions, you should always get the advice from qualified medical and health care professionals. All your questions can be appropriately answered with concern only by qualified medical professionals. HLC or the website content or associated service providers don’t endorse or recommend any medical tests, physicians, medical products or other products, procedures, opinions or any other information. Relying on the information presented by HLC, website, content providers or visitors to the website should be done at your own risk. HLC doesn’t hold any responsibility for the effects caused after using the information provided.


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18. Limitation of liability Under no circumstances including various factors such a negligence, omission and other reasons, HLC, officers, directors, agents, employees, service providers or content of the website (all of which will be collectively termed as ('Protected Entities') can be held liable for any special, indirect, direct, punitive, exemplary, consequential or incidental damages that may be caused either directly or indirectly from the use of the website or inability to use the website or materials, content, data and functions associated with the HLC website and services. HLC is not responsible for lost sales, lost business, or any other damages and loss even though the use of protected entity may be provided with warning for any kind of damage. In some areas of jurisdictions, the limitation and exclusion of liability for consequential and incidental damagers are not allowed. In such cases, the above said limitations may not be applicable for some users. Under no circumstances the protected entity can be held liable for any loss or damage associated with connection with any website content, posted content, transmitted, exchanged or received content executed by any other person or on behalf of any person or through the HLC website. Under no circumstances, the total aggregated liability to you of all the protected entities for all losses, damages and cause of action (whether stated in contract or otherwise, including negligence or other reasons) that happened using the terms and conditions or use of the website can exceed the total amount if applicable paid to HLC by you for using the website, services, features or purchase of products using the website.


19. Photosensitive seizers Seizures can happen to a very small number of people when they are exposed to certain visual contents such as patterns, flashing lights or any other visual images that can be seen in video games or other online or electronic content on any website. Even those with no known medical history of seizures or epilepsy can have some kind of undiagnosed condition that can result in photosensitive epileptic seizures when exposed to certain visual images or electronic content or video games. The symptoms of these seizures include confusion, disorientation, lightheadedness, momentary loss of consciousness or awareness, twitching of eyes or face, changing vision, shaking of arms or legs, body jerking, etc. HLC is not responsible if the website, content or other materials triggers photosensitive seizures even if you have not been diagnosed for it before. If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms or any other unknown symptoms while using the website or if you or anyone in your family has a history of epilepsy or seizures, you must stop using the website immediately and get professional help from a doctor.

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22. Changes to terms of use HLC has all the rights to modify, change, add or delete any of the terms and conditions as whole or in part at its discretion at any time. The changes in terms and conditions will become effective as and when it is posted on the website. When you continue to use the website after making changes to the terms and conditions, you automatically agree that you accept and agree the new changes to the terms and conditions.

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