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Company description:

ATS GLOBAL ADS ONLINE PVT LTD is a commited advertisement , online news , online marketing websites of any commodities, E-card promotion company that focuses on providing substainable solutions to the people who are in need of medical help. The company primarily serves preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitative care for patients. You can use the HLC application to find best clinics, diagnostic centers, and hospitals near your location. We also enable you to book online appointments and mobile appointments immidiately. with our services, you can find 24/7 medical stores, ambulance and blood banks near your location.

HLC is designed to be a healthcare application that provides effective medical advice for prognosis and healing of medical conditions. HLC ensures that it provides controlled requirements for healing illness so that you can find best diagnostic centers, hospitals, clinics, medicine stores, ambulance, and blood banks. It also helps you to book appointments so that you get the medical help you need quickly.

Compared to the available healthcare systems, HLC offers 3 advantages:

You can book appointments with diagnostic centers, hospitals, and clinics, instantly using our web service. You can book your appointments that are convenient for you and you will also receive alerts about the booked appointment and corresponding confirmation. You can easily find blood banks, an ambulance near your location and use it to get early medical help in cases of emergencies, and quickly find blood banks, an ambulance, medical stores that run 24 x 7 and available in your locality.

Market dissection:

Healthcare industry or caring medical industry can be considered as a group of sectors that aim to provide different types of services and goods to patients who need preventive, palliative, curative and rehabilitative care. The healthcare industry is now subdivided into various sectors to attend to the needs of the patients exclusively. Various professionals and paraprofessionals obtain necessary training and certification to help the people to get cured from their illness Due to the high demand for consistent and quality health care, the healthcare industry has become one of the rapidly growing industries across the globe. More than 10% of GDP (gross domestic product) is consume by this healthcare industry. In various developed nations, it forms a major part of the economy. According to World Health Organization (WHO), there are 9.2 million physicians, 1.9 million dentists, 19.4 million midwives and nurses, 1.3 million community health workers and 2.6 million pharmacists all over the world. These numbers continue to increase across the globe. The healthcare industry is quickly becoming one of the major segments with a huge workforce. Healthcare industry is further supported by several professionals who are not directly related with the healthcare itself. They form the support and management system which is also crucial for the development of the healthcare industry. Various profit services including underwriters, administrators, marketers, attorneys, shareholders and investors all contribute to healthcare costs. In 2011, the healthcare industry was one of the largest consumers of GDP, consuming 17.9% through various components such as physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, diagnostic laboratories, and medical device manufacturers. By 2016, the consumption of GDP by healthcare industry is expected to hit 19.6%.

Service/Product line

HLC provides effective health care solution by helping users of the service to easily find healthcare centers and book online and mobile appointments easily and instantly.